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User Management

Admin users can add, edit and delete user in your Zanflow account. Login in as Admin, to manage users and group.

Who is a User?

A user account in Zanflow represents an employee in the organization. It can also represent an account with special privileges, such as the "Admin" account.
People who are assigned Admin users have the right to design forms, build workflows, create boards, create widgets and create Master Data. Admin users can authorize access for other users.
Non-Admin users, based on access granted by Admin user, will have access to initiate forms, access Kanban board, view widgets, reports and dashboard.

What is a Group?

Users can be organized into groups. Users can be assigned to zero, one, or more groups. A group simplifies the assignment of users to tasks. For example, a "Help Desk" process may involve a pool of customer support assistants, all belonging to a group named "Customer Support".
Groups can be very convenient when there are frequent changes of personnel in an organization. You can assign tasks to groups rather than to individual users, since each process doesn't have to be modified when user accounts are deactivated or modified. If multiple tasks are assigned to a particular manager in dozens of processes, when that manager is transferred, each task will have to be reassigned to the new manager individually. In contrast, if the tasks are assigned to the group "Manager", then the only change will be to switch the one user in the group.